The company Laborator Vest SRL Timisoara shall help you with any kind of laboratory equipment like glassware, equipment, utensils, materials and culture mediums.


The companies from which we import the products are trade names renowned in the professional circles, certified in the ISO 9001 system: Hirschmann Laborgeraete, Whatman, Greiner, Kern, Deutsch & Neumann, Bochem, Vitrum, Buerkle, Vitlab, Winzer.

The terms of trade are flexible and the products will be delivered to your headquarters.

For information about the prices of certain products you can contact us by phone or e-mail and you will receive an answer in 48 hours at most.

Depending on your budget we will define the best offer to satisfy your needs.

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Additionally to the products with guaranteed quality we are offering you, you can benefit from our experience in comprehensive and various domains related to laboratory works. Based on it we can guide you starting with choosing the equipment, utensils and glassware required for your activity and extending to the planning of a workstation or laboratory.

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Tips & tricks

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On this page you shall find answers to the previous questions and other useful information about this domain.