One of the opportunities you can benefit of by contacting us is that of not having to select and centralise the laboratory device, glassware and utensils related to a certain analysis method (which might be due to a new method or lack of compilation time or lack of specialised personnel etc).

You can tell us what you want or you may provide us the analysis method and we shall assume the task of gathering everything you need; we might even say that we carry out the planning of a workspace, a laboratory, a determination. We shall accompany you, but you shall be the supervisor. We propose and you approve or not what you think is the best, the cheapest and the most adequate for the declared purpose.

Take advantage of the vast experience we have accumulated in the field of the laboratory activities. We can help you with some suggestions on:

  • wet chemistry
  • physical – chemical investigations – residual water, atmospheric water
  • raw material, materials (acids, bases, salts, alcohol, solvents)
  • investigations of softening agents, fertilisers, fuel, petrol products
  • chromatographic investigation, pH metrics, polarimetrics, spectrophotometrics
  • ISO 9000 practices
  • sampling
  • determinations with Merck kits, quality investigations
  • sanitation tests with methods proposed by Whatman for work surfaces, food industry equipment
  • filtering
  • PCB determinations with Dexil kits
  • work procedures for the equipment supplied by us, personnel training.

When you need information about a price we can offer you variants per mail or by phone in an interval ranging form one-two hours up to two days at most, depending on the amount of the requested references; if you dispose of a limited budget we can tailor the necessities according to this budget.