Terms of trade

The price is indicated in Euro and does not include the VAT. The price is the delivery price at the beneficiary’s headquarters.

The minimum order value is 100 lei.

The date of delivery is of 2 – 6 weeks from signing the contract or from receiving the firm order (in this case from the written confirmation of the present), excepting the products in stock which shall be delivered in maximum 5 days. Each external supplier has own delivery dates depending on the stocks.

We do not usually work with merchandise in stock.

The payment method is in lei at the BNR exchange rate from the invoice date, by bank transfer.

The term of payment is of maximum 20 (30) days from the invoicing date, on the account of SC LABORATOR VEST SRL no. RO59BRDE360SV15224653600 opened at BRD Timisoara. Should the domestic currency depreciate more than 2% from the invoice date to the payment date, LABORATOR VEST SRL reserves the right of invoicing the price difference resulted from the modification of the EUR/ RON exchange rate.

The penalty for delayed payment is of 0.1%/ day of the invoice value after the expiry of the 20-days-term of payment.

The documents (Romanian versions) accompanying the products are: quality certificate, declaration of conformity, other specific documents (see contract model).