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Densimeters ranges

About aerometers and densimeters with or without built-in thermometer:

– the ones from inland have the classic range from 0,07 to 0,07 units. Example: for diesel fuel you need a densimeter or thermo-densimeter from 0,790 to 0,860 g/ml;
– the ones from Germany have other ranges such as: 0,600 to 0,660 / 0,650 to 0,710 / 0,700 to 0,760 etc. or 1,000 to 1,020 / 1,020 to 1,040 etc. depending on the required precision and dimensions.

Note that the calibration in metrology is compulsory only when used in domains which can impair the health of humans (the notion of metrological verification is actually the user’s choice).

UVisable® – Secure quality before start of production

Turn on the light to see!

It is always better to prevent bacteriologic problems than having to be taken care of at once.

With daily monitoring of cleaning you will find bacteriological traps in time. The residues will glue in the dark, if no residues there is no fluorescences. Using UVisable® you can easily secure the hygienic standard before starting production. Instead of waiting for the answer from an ordinary analyse the production personal can get the answer immediately.

UVisable® is a valuable tool for daily monitoring of hygiene and finding the problem sources. It can be extremely expensive if the hygiene is not perfect; therefore it is of outmost importance to be attentive of potential problem sources. With UV-light (UVA) it is now possible to quick monitoring the hygienic standard in premises and equipment.

UVisable® makes hygiene inspection
– Quick
– Easy
– Instant
– Inexpensive
– Pedagogic
– Neutral
(Bjorn Sigbjorn, Sweden, 2003)

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