Duran glass

Why is DURAN glass so special?

DURAN® is the world-wide standard for borosilicate glass 3.3 (DIN/ISO 3585).

Its characteristics include maximum chemical resistance and high thermal resistance.

The quality of the laboratory glassware of this trademark is given by the material (in other words by the glass and the glass type) but also by the way the glass is processed during the production process. This affects the characteristics of each glass piece. Having a uniform wall thickness on the entire piece (ex. an Erlenmeyer flask) the improvement of the physical stability and, above all, the thermal shock resistance are ensured. The maximum work temperature with DURAN® is of 500 degrees C.

Starting with January 2004 all laboratory glassware SCHOTT DURAN® is imprinted with an 8-digit batch number proving the traceability of that reference from the producer to the user. With this number (Retrace Code) and with the SCHOTT product use, any user can quickly obtain on the internet a quality certificate per batch (www.schott-duran.com).