NutriDisks are alternatives to the traditional Agar plates. The selective determinations and counting of the colonies are performed more easily with these NutriDisks.

A cellulose disk is impregnated with a dehydrated base nutrient which, after being humidified with sterile distilled water becomes a proper nutritive medium for a micro-organism to be analysed.

NutriDisks are delivered without membrane giving you the possibility of choosing the membranes you consider appropriate.

NutriDisks are available in a wide range of nutrient solutions, for a wide application range, which cover all ranges of microbiological analysis. They are sterile, ready-to-use and valid (at room temperature) for one year; they are packed in Petri box, 10 x 10 pieces.

Example: Standard TTC-NutriDisk, code 10434164 (filtering membrane recommended by ME 25/41, green, gridded, 0.45 microns), for colonies in water, with triphenil tetrazolium chloride. Incubation conditions 48-72 hours at 20 degrees or 48 hours at 30 degrees.